7minuteworkout Webinar This Thursday

We Have Webinars about the new 7minuteworkout every week on Thursdays; and Thanks Giving is no exception. http://www.7minfitnessopportunity.com/live/?id=GymAlien Join Us tonite at 8pm Eastern time and Learn: —————————————————————————– how to lose 20 pounds in 20 days How people can get in the best shape of their lives training only 7 minutes 3 times per week! […]

Health Savings Account

The New 7 Minute Workout is like a Health Savings Account. When you invest 7 Minutes of your time into this really good workout, it pays off every time. Only 7 Minutes Every other day!  Add a couple important principles about eating (sshhh don’t day diet).   That’s all I did to Lose 53 Pounds in […]

Aspartame Kills

Are you drinking a ton of Diet Sodas because you think they are better for you than all that sugar in regular sodas? Please think again! Please, Watch the following video and then click on one of the banner images on the right to see the Free Webinar that Joel Therien gave us early in […]

7 Minute Workout Launch News!

The Brand New 7 Minute Workout just Launched…IT”S LIVE NOW! http://GymAlien.7minfitnessopportunity.com It’s really here. I’ve been on a Secret Trial of the 7 Minute Workout and lost over 53 pounds!! And Now you can try it yourself for a ridiculously low $9.95 a month. I paid way more (dang it!) But you get in for a song. […]

Two Sides of Weight Loss with Moms 7minuteWorkout

   The Two Main Parts of any Program to Lose Weight Fast are… Diet and Exercise.    That’s it.   What Goes in ya; and how much of that  stuff does your body burn up, store, and/or return unused? “NOoooo, “Please don’t say diet”… perhaps the two most hated words in the public perception of  “Weight […]

What Holds You Back from Keeping the Weight off?

We have some very strong women leaders in the 7 Minute Workout. And I’d love it if you joined us! We have Webinars and teaching that bring our minds onboard with us. The World seems to want to keep us in an Emotional or even Instinctive state. So, that we will be suggestible. So, when they tell us to “BUY” we will be compelled to do just that.
It’s not a good place to live your life (in the lower realms of your brain). Our upper brain is where we do our best thinking. So, we at Moms 7 Minute Workout hope to bring about Balance in our lives.
Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit…What ever your “parts” are, There are times when our higher selves must make the decisions. Or the lower will override what we know is “right” and cause us to do what is comfortable, easy, selfish, and self serving at any expense.
We in the Members area at 7 Minute Workout are an interesting bunch. You will not be alone. The wise person listens to the advice of many; yet makes the final call based on evidence and insight.

You Tube 7 Minute Workout

When starting the 7 Minute Workout this young lady has some good ideas that will help beginners transition into a real workout system that will be easy to do for a lifetime. She Clearly knows about fitness; and it shows that the New 7 Minute Workout at Moms7minuteWorkout.com uses tried and true Principles. Principles that […]

You Lost 40 Pounds Eating What?

The 7 Minute Workout System is an all in one Diet/Exercise Solution. With simple and Easy Changes (no crazy food prohibitions) I’ve lost 50 pounds in 6 months. I eat healthy and I eat less due to the simple diet tips I received in the back office of the members area at 7 Minute workout. The Webinars taught me about Easy Button Weight loss 101, and I love it when they teach me something I didn’t know. Like this “Fiber deal”; who Knew?

Think You Can’t Do It?

Don’t ever say you “can’t do it”, to Art. I saw this You Tube Video with Art Williams and it gets awful deep at about the 17 minute mark. I suspect his Southern Accent may disarm you to the Revelations he lays on the thoughtful listener.

Childhood Obesity can be overcome

Imagine going in for a surgical procedure that is unnecessary. People often say “weightwatchers, jenny craig, I’ve tried ‘em and they didn’t work!” You can’t say that with the 7minuteworkout. If you follow the program you will see results…I’m not telling you that you will lose over 60 pounds like Mike Reid has, or over 30 pound like me, but I am saying if you work it it will work for you…and that’s guaranteed or your money back.

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